MassHealth Customer Web Portal and Forms and Publications

Customer Web Portal is for the submission of Provider Requests for Transportation (PT-1) and Forms and Publications ordering.

Paid Focus Group Opportunity for MassHealth Members: Members are being given the opportunity to share experiences using PT-1 transportation. We are asking CWP users to share this information with your patients who use PT-1s. PerryUndem – a non-partisan opinion research firm – is seeking MassHealth members who have used PT-1 transportation to get to medical appointments to participate in a small online focus group discussion. No personal information will be shared publicly outside of the group discussion. Refer the member to PerryUndem at 888-261-9344 (toll free) or to see if they qualify to participate in this study. Eligible participants will receive $100 for their time. Provider Requests for Transportation (PT-1) - Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a limited transportation benefit that is provided to eligible MassHealth members who have no other way of getting to their medical, behavioral health, or dental appointments. NEMT services are only available to eligible MassHealth members who cannot drive themselves and / or do not have a neighbor, friend, relative, or voluntary organization that can transport them to their appointments.

Email Communication: You will be receiving email correspondence from the MassHealth CWP. If you have not received a timely response be sure to check your junk or spam mail.

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